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The music originates from the ancient modes of Persian classical music, which are said to have been passed down verbally or “Heart to Heart” for many centuries. Each mode represents a distinct pure emotion mainly extracted into music at times of deep yearning, fervent love, and spiritual ascent. Zendeh Delan® combines these ancient modes with modern beats and melodies to create unique forms of Zekr (Remembrance of the Beloved)

The poetry used by Zendeh Delan® has mainly been extracted from the volumes of Sufi poetry written in the 20th century by the Sufi Masters of MTO®, Hazrat Shahmaghsoud Sadegh Angha and Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha and other Great Masters of the school.

Music is one of the oldest forms of human creativity and has in some way provided a means of expressing the deeper aspect of human emotions in a more tangible manner than just mere words. We all use music even in normal conversation, our words are not monotone and carry a variance of pitches rhythms and amplitudes, which are even more exaggerated when we feel strong emotions.

This form of expression has over the course of human history become a creative art known as music.

The uniqueness of music in its current form is that it only belongs to our planet. Our atmosphere has the perfect density and molecular structure to allow sound to disperse at various frequencies audible to the human ear. Also the human audital range is almost uniquely ours; other creatures have different hearing capabilities and hear other frequencies which may be inaudible to our ears.


Some say that music is the food of the soul, as the soul is nourished by more delicate intake of a spiritual dimension. Our soul sits in between our physical aspect and our spirit, and will move in the direction in which it receive the most attention and nourishment, therefore the delicate intricacies found in music with hidden logic and mathematical formulations fool our minds in accepting this precise formation as light entertainment and penetrate through to the soul a message of harmony, unity and creativity.

When the veil of duality is lifted and the government of our senses collapse and give way to the rebellion of the fire of love, the melodies and vibrations of eternal existence rule the kingdom of the heart, and present endless creativities and beauties at all levels of our existence including the physical body. Sama is the result of this beat of life which is constantly knocking from the depths of our being to remind us that; I am, and in the infinite I am!

In Sufism the Salek seeks to understand and cognize the reality of his own being and gain harmony with existence until total annihilation of the self is achieve and all else dissolves but his Being; Allah


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